Birds-of-a-Feather Dinners and Socials


Keep the conversations going post-conference on Thursday night through “Birds of a Feather” dinners and socials.

See a full list of events and register here. 

Choose from a wide variety of topics at local restaurants and bars: 

  • AI and VR in Schools
  • Bridging the Gap Between Educators and Entrepreneurs
  • Careers in Edtech
  • Curriculum Design
  • Edtech Funding Opportunities
  • Edtech in Higher Ed
  • Global Edtech
  • Edtech Market
  • Entrepreneurship in Edtech
  • High School Redesign
  • Innovation in the Classroom
  • Inside Sales
  • Instructional Design
  • Pathways to Personalized Learning
  • Partnering with K-12 Schools
  • Pathways to Workforce Development
  • Professional Development and Edtech
  • School District Decision Making (Next Steps for Teacher Prep)
  • Serving Adult Learners
  • Social Impact & Edtech
  • STE(A)M and Edtech
  • The Future of Edtech
  • Workplace Edtech


Your chance to sign up will be provided once you register!

Q1. Who is paying for the dinners/drinks?
A1. Each attendee is responsible to pay for their own purchases. If you’re participating in a dinner, we recommend you bring cash to make splitting the check easier for servers.

Q2. What’s the difference between a dinner and a social?
A2. Dinners will be intimate sit-down meals with groups up to 8 people. Socials are more casual gatherings at local bars for up to 20 people. Keep an eye out for people with awesome LearnLaunch nametags!

Q3. Who made the reservation?
Q4. Our team at LearnLaunch has made reservations for all dinners to start at 6:15pm (names are listed under the topic). For socials, please look for fellow attendees at the bar.

Q4. There are so many options, how should I choose?
A4. We tried to cover a variety of relevant Edtech themes. We recommend you look at the location and price as each event is at a different local establishment (a few restaurants have multiple themes). If you’re traveling with a large group, we suggest you split up to network and meet new people! If you have a topic we should add, send us a note at

Q5. I registered but I changed my mind! What should I do?
A5. Have no fear! You can adjust your reservation at our HelpDesk on Thursday afternoon at the event.

Q6. How do I know I won’t be eating alone?
A6. We will cancel dinner reservations that have fewer than 4 people registered on Thursday afternoon and send a note to register for a different dinner option.

Q7. Why are they called “Birds of a Feather” dinners?
A7. Because birds of a feather flock together!

Q8. Are you interested in hosting a dinner? 
A8. Send an email to We will help you get a dinner or social organized.