Edtech Showcase Overview

The Edtech Showcase features over thirty-five edtech companies, from the high potential startups to growth stage innovators. Exhibitors address the broad learning market: early ed, K-12, higher ed, continuing ed and workforce. The edtech showcase will bring innovative new solutions to our audience’s attention. 

Startup Village – Check out over 30 of the most innovative edtech startup companies that are looking to grow. Sponsored by: Navitas.
Exhibitors – Check out the edtech companies that have seen over a million dollars in revenue and are joining us as exhibitors.
International Cafe – Check out the 30 edtech companies from Canada, Israel and the Netherlands, who are entering the US market.


What are the benefits of joining the edtech showcase?

  • Exhibiting your product for two full days in front of hundreds of participants (Tables are located along the sunny corridor where participants are walking.)
  • Receiving real-time feedback from conference participants
  • Networking with edtech stakeholders at Birds-of-a-Feather dinners
  • Exploring sessions focused on funding and growing your edtech startup
  • Selecting either a 6ft full table, 3ft half table or an 10ft x 10ft exhibit booth

Note: The pricing below represents startup rates, which means your company must be under $1 million dollars of revenue. If you are over $1 million dollars in revenue, you are not considered a startup, and must register for an exhibit booth. If you have any questions, please contact conference@learnlaunch.org.

Registration Rates
Early Bird After Dec. 15 Notes
Startup- Half Table $450 $550 Must be <$1M in revenue
Startup- Full Table $700 $850 Must be <$1M in revenue
Non-Startup- Full Table N/A $1,000
Showcase- Booth Space N/A $1,250

Take Action and REGISTER by Early-Bird Deadline: Friday, December 15th to save or by the Final Deadline of Friday, January 12th to be included in the conference. We only have 35 tables available, and they will sell out.

Startup Village




Ametros Learning provides an intelligent, cloud-based platform that enables skill development through experience. Using cognitive computing and the natural language processing power of IBM Watson, Ametros Learning designs and builds artificially intelligent simulations for learners of any discipline, blending theory and practice in a risk-free environment.

Cathy Pillar

Cell-Ed makes it easy, fast and affordable for you to reach, retain and upskill your low-skilled workers over mobile.

Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami
Founder & CEO

Chord Hero is a starter guitar kit that helps make learning music fun for kids and highly affordable for parents.

Anthony Chau
Business Development Specialist

CourseStorm is impossibly simple online course registration software. Organizations offering courses can create a simple online catalog, upload courses, and begin taking registrations in just minutes. Their students will have a friendly, usable website to browse, search, and register for course offerings.

Justin Russell

Dreambox is an adaptive, online K-8 math program proven to raise student achievement while supporting informed decision making.

Maureen Spada
District Partner Manager

examIam is a Boston based company that helps exam and test prep publishers deliver their content to new users through it’s mobile and online platform. Content partners include McGraw-Hill Education, Barron’s Educational Series, and the Law School Admission Council.

Trevor Pearson
Co-Founder & President

JogNog builds tools that motivate students to learn more, faster, and better. We leverage educational technology to simplify and streamline routine tasks for teachers so that they have more time for their students.

Steve Smith
Co-Founder & CEO

KinderLab Robotics creates toys and educational tools that enable young children to learn critical technical, problem- solving, and cognitive skills in a developmentally appropriate and playful way. While STEM education products exist for middle- and high-school students, KinderLab uniquely fills a need for a critical population: children under the age of seven. KinderLab products are based on over 15 years of academic and field research into how young children learn foundational concepts in programming and engineering by integrating them into a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes literacy, the expressive arts and cultural studies.

Christina Nawn
Director of Marketing

Mia Learning uses technology to provide recommendations and guidance that helps elementary school students choose books they love.

Darren Cambridge

Mind My Education provides in virtual consulting & e-learning solutions for Schools, Families, & companies. Our flagship product, the CoreAtlas gives each learner a personal map of their learning goals, always with space for students’ personal quests! Our engaging, scalable approach acts like a visual checklist of what needs to be learned so it can be used in any setting where learning is the goal. In print or digital formats, CoreAtlas provides students the chance to chart their own progress, make plans, and celebrate success.

Paul Bulakowski

Mobile Citizen, a Voqal initiative, actively advances social equity through access by providing low-cost wireless 4G internet exclusively to nonprofits, educational entities and social welfare agencies. Championed by a national collaboration of EBS (Educational Broadband Service) licensees, Mobile Citizen’s internet service is available nationwide. We believe that making high-quality mobile internet available at an affordable price contributes to an engaged public and ultimately a more equitable democracy.

Molly Fohn
Program Manager

Onlearningpoint is focused on tracking the informal learning that happens outside the classroom. Their latest product offering is L.E.W., a xAPI enabled Learning Experience Widget that records interactions with multiple content types within the SharePoint environment. L.E.W. empowers learners to take charge of their informal learning and offers the organization greater visibility into their SharePoint content.

Patrick Selby
Customer Support

PodKeeper is an online collaboration platform that helps K-5 teachers improve their day-to-day communication with parents, so they can spend more time on academics. PodKeeper replaces the dreaded “group email list” with a web-based software program that makes it easy to schedule class events, create sign up lists for parent volunteering, save important files and web links, and manage topics of discussion for easier decision making by the group. Teachers and parents love using PodKeeper because we understand their needs at a deep level and provide them with a powerful tool that is simple to use from any device. A member of the StartEd incubator program in New York.

Steven Sacks
Co-Founder & CEO

Tools for publishers and educators to create interactive and experiential science content and assessments

Rushikesh Bandekar
Founder & CEO

Provide supports child care businesses by streamlining your government facing administration. We help with the child care subsidy, expense tracking, and licensing and accreditation.

Chelsea Sprayregen

ReadSpeaker offers online and offline text to speech (TTS) solutions for websites, mobile apps, eBooks, eLearning material, documents, telephony & transport systems, media, robotics, embedded devices, IoT and more!

Tom DiPietropolo
Business Development Director

Reflection Sciences, Inc. provides an Executive Function test app, and tools to help promote the healthy development of this particular skillset. EF skills make it possible for children to learn effectively and efficiently in a classroom context, and they protect children against academic failure associated with poverty stress.

Stephanie Carlson
Co-founder & Chief Science Officer

We are re-purposing digital tools to create products that use talking as the controller of game play using digital devices. The children create content.

Pam Streeter

The JUICE Learning Project sponsored by the College for America (CfA) program at Southern New Hampshire University. JUICE is a new learning platform designed to provide competency-based academic skills support for college students. We are developing and researching the effectiveness of JUICE with the help of a US Department of Education First in the World (FITW) grant. JUICE is available to only a limited number of people at this time. We look forward to sharing the results of our research soon.

Mary Ann Perry
Director, JUICE Learning

TeenLife.com is the the leading online platform for finding academic and experiential learning opportunities that prepare teens for success in college and life beyond school.

Marie Schwartz

Coming soon!

Jenny Zapf
Director of Education Entreprenuership

Visual Classrooms is an active learning platform designed to support active learning in the modern classroom. Visual Classrooms enables students to quickly and easily capture and share ideas, transforming learning from lectures based on what the teacher knows to interactive discussions based on what students think.

Eric Coopey
Co-Founder & CEO

At Vividing, we are dedicated to bring you interactive, personalized, mobile first digital books. We are looking for authors and publishers to collaborate and revolutionize the publishing industry.

Xiaolin Hou
Co-Founder & President

We provide hours of videos, plus easy tricks, exercises, and forum. Our platform is fully online, available worldwide with any browser. Has been called “The Khan Academy of Writing”.

Don Stewart Author donstewarts@gmail.com

Yellowdig’s software platform creates a social layer on top of existing enterprise learning systems used by colleges, universities, and organizations. Unlike pre-existing social technology, Yellowdig is designed for higher education institutions. The platform provides instructors and learners with a private and secure experience, controlled and protected within the institution’s designated environment.

Claire Hubbard
Product Marketing Manager





eLearning Innovation is changing learning. Not only do we offer best-in-class learning design services for online learning in corporate and higher education but we also provide insight into crucial data that impacts each learner.  The EASE platform is the secret sauce to gaining access into the learner’s actual path, and making a difference in how learning happens.

Laurie Pulido

Hatsize is the leading global provider of hosted cloud automated training/eLearning labs and is a trusted lab solution provider for IT systems and software product enterprises as well as post secondary institutions.  Hatsize has designed a new Academic eLearning Solution that can be used to provide “hands on” cloud IT labs on campus removing requirement to maintain and support computer labs and classroom PCs.  In addition, the Hatsize solution can be used to provide interactive online courses to distance learners. Hatsize is ideal for any college, technical school, online school or university that wants to offer hands on IT labs to their campus or distance learning students.

Janet Flather
Vice President Business Development

Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education. The Professional Advancement Network connects you to career acceleration through a revolutionary new approach to delivering quality, top-tier professional programs—bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, certificates, bootcamps—across multiple learning channels, including online, on-ground, and hybrid.

Elizabeth Bollino
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

TERC is an independent, research-based organization dedicated to engaging and inspiring all students through stimulating curricula and programs designed to develop the knowledge and skills they need to ask questions, solve problems, and expand their opportunities.

Katie Stokinger
Communications Assistant

International Cafe – Canada




Ametros Learning has developed an intelligent, cloud-based simulation platform that allows for soft skills development through risk-free, simulated practice. Using cognitive computing and the natural language processing power of IBM Watson, Ametros learning designs and develops artificially intelligent simulations for higher education institutions, corporate customers and professional associations.

Cathy Pillar

With over 200 projects in 40 different countries, CIDE provides solutions in the field of International Development, Education and Workforce Development. CIDE’s support is paired with customized technological solutions and works in each project hand in hand with ad-hoc experts and specialists. CIDE relies on over 70 employees at the Montreal head office and in its regional offices in Tunisia, Morocco and El Salvador.

Chamseddine Ouerdiane
Program Director

Ellipse-Synergie created several software solutions based on ISA_, an Intelligent Support Assistant, to promote human contacts by interacting and supporting the different actors in the education and mental health sectors . A software application to help fight bullying has just been released to assesses the situation and accompanies the victim and the witness by allowing them to find help through a natural and fluid discussion in real time.

Gaston Thibault VP Business Development gaston.thibault@ellipse-synergie.com

Flipd is a platform that’s gamifying attention in the classroom by nudging students away from digital distractions while they learn. Flipd motivates students to not use their phones during your lecture, while giving you powerful data around engagement and participation, like who might be struggling to pay attention and which lessons were more engaging than others.

Alanna Harvey
Co-Founder and Marketing Director

GOmentr is a unique online experiential “peer” mentoring application that enables organizations to give everyone access to mentoring .It is a high gain, low risk, low pain mentoring solution that empower’s people to accelerate their problem solving, skills development and success. GOmentr is a white-labeled application; meaning it is your branding, your users, your data and your content.

Brad Gaulin

GradeSlam provides Intelligent Personalized Learning to students in grades 5-12, providing each student with an equal opportunity to reach their full potential in school. GradeSlam’s customers are independent schools, public schools and non-academic corporate customers.

Philip Cutler

Hatsize Academic eLearning Solution is an asynchronous SaaS platform used to provide “hands-on” cloud IT labs on campus removing the requirement to maintain and support physical computer labs. In addition, the solution can be used to provide interactive online courses to attract distance learners.

Janet Flather
VP Business Development

MediaSpark is a software development, publishing, and gamification company specialize in educational games and simulations. Imagine playing a game that it helps you achieve your dreams of winning a new job, furthering your career, or starting your own business. This is GoVenture World.

Mathew Georghiou
Founder and CEO

myBlueprint is the creator of All About Me, an age-appropriate, student-driven digital portfolio for K-6. Students explore visual paths that encourage the discovery of interests, abilities, passions, and goals. Students showcase their learning on their terms with built-in drawing tools, video/audio recordings, emotions, and a whole lot more.

Damian Matheson
Partner Development

Peekapak is changing how educators and parents teach and develop important character strengths like gratitude, perseverance, empathy and teamwork by making it fun, easy and engaging for students, teachers and families. Peekapak’s innovative curriculum combines social-emotional learning with Common Core reading and writing standards.

Ami Shah

Permission Click digitizes and automates policies and processes for the education sector; saving school districts thousands in time, resources, and liability mitigation. Permission forms, waivers, class registration, fundraising, laptop repair requests, facilities rentals, employee onboarding, and more – what will you digitize with Permission Click?

Stephanie Reid

Quillsoft creates reading and writing literacy software tools for all students who need literacy support (K-12, post-secondary, second language learning, home, business, government, and the aging population).

John DeLuca

The QWILL language arts application helps children become master communicators. The cloud-based resource ‐ primarily geared to students in grades 3 to 7 ‐ is steeped in the humanities with an emphasis on creativity, the Arts, critical thinking skills and social‐emotional awareness.

Andrew Lester

SaySo Communication develops innovative digital media products for 8-12 years olds. Sayso is the creator of Puppetoon, a digital puppetry product that engages children in live improv performance. It empowers children and youth to collaborate, think critically, be creative and be skillful communicators.

Betsy Allard

Squiggle Park is a reading skills program for kids in pre-k to grade 2 (up to grade 4 for ELL and special education students) that accelerates the development of critical reading skills 5x faster than traditional instruction. The program delivers a custom and proven reading methodology in an app that is as easy and fun to use as any other kids find on their parent’s smartphone.

Julia Dexter
Co-Founder and CMO

Voilà Learning makes French a ‘living language’ for Immersion students K-12. With an aim to create an immersive, gamified experience for French Immersion students who are otherwise often learning from books, the company operates a Virtual Immersion Campus that mimics a Francophone community and echoes video game functionality.

Megan Coleman
Program Director

International Cafe – Israel

Symbolab provides step by step solution to any math problem, adaptive learning, assessments, insights and more. It is the most comprehensive math education site, fully automated, based on machine learning algorithms.  With over 50 million users Symbolab is a simple and intuitive way to improve students Math skills and understanding; building up confidence by gaining the building blocks to tackle any type of Math problem from elementary mathematics to differential equations.

Michal Avny
Co-Founder & CEO

CoderZ is an online, gamified and engaging learning environment for students worldwide to learn STEM with Cyber Robotics. CoderZ is fully compatible with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. CoderZ is mission-based, enabling students to complete fun missions while learning how to program their very own virtual robot and while they develop 21st century skills. With CoderZ, STEM and robotics are now accessible and affordable for all.

Oren Elias
CoderZ’s General Manager

With over 50k videos and an endless amount of exercises with solutions for higher education STEM courses, proprep™ developed a unique technology that enables the company to create online customized courses specific to the students’ needs. The courses fit the students’ syllabus and improves their level of understanding.

Travis Mascitelli
VP of Sales North America

Sense is an A.I. product that provides personalized educational feedback on students’ open-ended assignments. Although personalized feedback is essential for learning, it is rarely given in large online or on-campus courses. Sense’s unique unsupervised machine learning technology detects partial similarities in students’ submissions, and breaks them down into tunable number of groups. Instructors then provide feedback per group, enabling education to be personalized and scalable at the same time.

Dr. Ronen Tal-Botzer

examPAL helps test takers of admissions tests (such as GMAT and GRE) optimize their ability to solve questions fast by improving their Cognitive Flexibility – the ability to find the fastest tool for each question. Using artificial intelligence and the wisdom of the crowd, the system predicts the best way FOR YOU to solve each question. examPAL’s online courses are a rich interactive experience, with deep technology behind educational dynamics. examPAL studies the way each user thinks; studies all solutions; and provides the user proven, tailor-made practice sessions, with solutions based on his or her personal way of thinking.

Oren Jackman
CEO & Co-Founder

International Cafe – Holland

SOWISO is an EdTech company providing personalized and adaptive learning and teaching solutions for higher- and secondary-ed mathematics & sciences. Tens of thousands of students, and hundreds of teachers, use SOWISO in their studies at universities, colleges and polytechnics. In the Netherlands more than half of all higher-education institutions use SOWISO. Next to that they have clients in Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, South-Africa and Australia. They also work with educational publishers (the largest ones in Belgium and Sweden) that use their software to create digital learning materials that really fit today’s generation of pupils.

Marc Habbema

LessonUp is an open platform where teachers create, share and teach digital lessons using video, web sites, slides and interactive quizzes that students answer on their own device. It’s open, so teachers can find, copy and adapt each others lessons. Also, we collaborate with educational publishers, museums and other (educational) organizations that publish their content in LessonUp. We use LessonUp as a the platform to develop their digital content. Almost 30.000 teachers registered for a LessonUp account and 55.000 students. The Lessonup team consists of 6 employees.

Janneke Plaisier
CEO / Co-founder

EDIA creates AI-based educational technology. They support teaching and learning with user friendly online and mobile education applications. Customers include Pearson, Cambridge Assessment, Noordhoff, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, and they have an employee base of 30.

Jozef Misik Managing Director jozef@edia.nl

DRIEAM develops smart learning applications that make learning better. Its leading products are: Eduframe.co – The complete course catalog & administration for institutes. OERWrite.nl – Legal document collaboration across multiple faculties/departments made easy. StudyCoachapp.com – Improve student retention with actionable learning analytics. DRIEM has approximately 20 employees and its customers include IMD, Vlerick, Nyenrode, Fontys, Avans, Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, Eindhoven University of Technology.

Tim Stuart
Co-founder / Design

Learnbeat combines learning content, Edtech and teacher training to enable a complete digital support of the key teaching and learning processes in schools. Dashboards, presentation tools, learning management, practice, testing, personalized learning and authoring tools for teachers. In the Netherlands, they are the largest digital platform in secondary education with 100,000 students daily using our teaching and learning content (from 15 different publishers). We have a team of 25 (tech, content, support), based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Our customers consist of 15 educational publishers and some 150 secondary schools.

Koen Strous
Founder / CEO

At Cirrus, we’re dedicated to creating the simplest to use, engaging and affordable e-Assessment solution available. Since the launch of the product in early 2017 a number of high-profile customers (both universities and test publishers) have signed up with Cirrus and the feedback from our users are really good. Examples are Kaplan Technical University of Eindhoven Radboud University.

Vegard Sivertsen

FeedbackFruits is an spinn-off from the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands. Our role in the learning ecosystems is an enabler of social and interactive learning with care for every individual. Our focus is on providing teachers with technology, because when properly didactically embedded, technology can significantly reduce the complexity and effort needed to organize these social interactive study activities. Seeing our vision we promote all types of study activities resulting in higher interaction, certainly also non-tech supported learning activities. Feedbackfruits has 25 employees. Among clients of Feedbackfruits are 10 universities.

Ewoud de Kok

TrainTool helps organizations develop the soft skills of large groups of employees. We offer thousands of employees a personal learning path that measurably adds to your organizational goal. We translate a thorough understanding of your organization and the latest educational insights into the smartest ‘blend’ of software, relevant content and personal coaching. Traintool has 30 employees. Our customers include: ABN AMRO, Ahold Delhaize, Air France KLM, Deloitte, Rabobank, Utrecht University, and almost all other Dutch universities.

Marijn de Geus
CEO / Co-founder

StudyPortals started as a spin-off from a couple of large international study associations that were frustrated by a total lack of information for finding international Master’s in Europe. MastersPortal was born and proved to be an overwhelming success. Now, almost 10 years later, we enable 29 million students each year to explore and find study programmes in any corner of the world, by covering over 150,000 courses at 2,450 educational institutions in one place. Studyportals has more than 100 employees.

Edwin van Rest

Brain Fuel is the company behind the new ideation brainstorm tool Brain Fuel. It is a fast, easy and fun brainstorm tool for creators, businesspeople, students, workshop enthusiasts and innovators. Brain Fuel works with 100 different association cards. These cards, with handmade illustrations, will help you to make new associations. With more than 10 brainstorming-methods, Brain Fuel helps you break through your standard thought patterns to look at your problem from a whole new perspective. This gives you access to a new range of solutions so you can turn your okay ideas into great ones!

Friso Visser Co-founder / Product Develop- ment friso@brainfueltool.com