The mission of LearnLaunch is to increase learning by providing support for the creation and growth of education technology and learning companies in New England. LearnLaunch offers classes, peer group learning, conferences, networking opportunities and other educational services to individuals and organizations seeking to work with educators, students and families to enable the growth and success of the learning ecosystem.

The Edtech Landscape in Boston and Beyond

Boston-area Edtech Startups

Over 300 education technology and learning-oriented startups are currently based in the Boston area, drawing from its existing network of universities, learning companies, innovation economy, and technical talent. They have sprung up to solve challenges and take advantage of opportunities to support the growth and adoption of new products and methodologies within the education sector, which represents nearly 9% of the GDP.

These entrepreneurs are creating solutions to a diverse array of challenges that educators, students and parents currently face, including:

  • • Introduction of new technology in schools (i.e. tablets, personal computers, etc.)
  • • Curriculum sharing among teachers
  • • Personalized learning
  • • Collection and dissemination of data
  • • College persistence and completion

Many of these entrepreneurs have expressed interest in ramping up efforts to grow the Boston-area learning and education technology ecosystem.

National Investment in Edtech Companies

At the same time, more and more venture capitalists and angel investors are choosing to invest their time and capital in this sector. In 2011, 134 education technology companies nationwide received venture funding, the largest number in over 10 years. GSV Advisors, an investment bank focused on the education sector, recently published a report called “The Fall of the Wall,” which stated that the capital is available, but that the sector faces special challenges.

Why here?

Boston is known globally as a center for both excellent education and technology innovation. Massachusetts also has strong roots in the development of U.S. education, having invented public education and currently leading the initiative to promote high state standards, also known as The Common Core.

Local K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities, could benefit from innovative products that emerge from the LearnLaunch ecosystem. Schools could have access to new methods of learning and improve their student achievement outcomes faster. In addition, the Commonwealth could benefit from the creation of new jobs as this sector expands.