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Press Releases


David Rose To Keynote at Upcoming LearnLaunch Edtech Conference on January 23-24, 2015 at Harvard Business School
January 6, 2015


3rd Annual LearnLaunch Edtech Conference Kicks Off January 23, 2015 at Harvard Business School
December 3, 2014

2nd Annual LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference in Cambridge
February 3, 2014


Pearson Announces a Partnership with Exponential TechSpace
and LearnLaunch to Support Boston’s EdTech Ecosystem
October 16, 2013

$1.7+ Mil Total Funding For Ellevation Education, iCreate to Educate, Zulama Announced at
LearnLaunch/MIT Sloan.Ed Ed Tech Conference

February 1, 2013

N2N Services, Worldwide Center for Mathematics, 30Hands, Angel Ed Inc. Introduce New Products
at LearnLaunch/MIT Sloan.Ed Ed Tech Conference

February 1, 2013

30-In-60: 30 Ed Tech Start-ups to Make Investor Presentations in 60 Minutes
at LearnLaunch/MIT Sloan.Ed Ed Tech Conference
January 30, 2013


LearnLaunch Formed to Drive Greater Boston Ed Tech Innovation,
Times First National Conference with Digital Learning Day 2013
December 4, 2012

Press Mentions


June 23, 2015: Women In Tech: Advice and Inspiration from Leaders in Boston Tech and Venture

June 12, 2015 5 Steps To Cultivating A Civic Startup Ecosystem, According To Civic Entrepreneurs

June 9, 2015: EdTech Revolutionaries: Spotlight on Six Boston Area Districts

June 3, 2015 Edtech Conferences You Need To Know

May 23, 2015  12 Reasons You Should Never Launch a Startup in Boston

May 15, 2015 Innovation that Matters: How City Networks Drive Civic Entrepreneurship (Report)

March 17, 2015 Education Innovation Clusters’ Aim to Improve Schools


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January 26, 2015 Boston’s Edtech Scene Shines (With a Dusting of Snow)


January 19, 2015 600 Influencers Will Be Gathering to Discuss the Problems Plaguing Ed-Tech: LearnLaunch’s third-annual conference kicks off Friday



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September  19, 2014 EdTech 10: #School Info Challenge

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August 2, 2014 Smart Cities: Boston

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July 24, 2014 Post-LearnLaunch Hackathon Update

July 21, 2014 Inside Boston’s Edtech Ecosystem: 8 Players to Watch

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June 2, 2014  Ready to Launch

May 20, 2014   Baltimore, Boston Move to Build Ed-Tech Hubs

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April 12, 2014  Sales 101 for Edtech Entrepreneurs

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April 7, 2014  Ed-Tech Investments Hit Record High in Q1; A Promising Sign for Boston Entrepreneurs

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March 28, 2014  Top Angel Investor Jean Hammond and Startup EyeVerify Win Coveted Angel Capital Association Awards

March 19, 2014  Essential Edtech

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March 4, 2014  Are Employers Hurting the Innovation Happening in Education?

March 4, 2014  Education Innovators Predict Rapid Scaling from Education Technology at Annual LearnLaunch Conference

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February 26, 2014   Your Place to Find Answers to the Problems Plaguing Today’s Ed-Tech Industry

February 24, 2014   The First 50 Days



February 19, 2014  Harvard Edcast: Incubating #Edtech



February 7, 2014  HGSE to Cosponsor Edtech Conference


December 9, 2013  10 “Who’s Next” Influential Women in Boston Tech/Innovation

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November 5, 2013  The Place To Go Tomorrow Night to Find Your Next Edtech Co-Founder

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November 4, 2013  Introducing the 50 On Fire Finalists for Education  

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October 21, 2013  Pearson Partners with Boston’s Edtech Ecosystem

October 16, 2013  Pearson Teams Up with LearnLaunch to Make Boston Center of EdTech World

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October 15, 2013  Driving Forward with EdTrips

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September 23, 2013  Interview with Marissa Lowman from LearnLaunch

September 20, 2013  New ed tech cluster emerged LearnLaunchX Demo Day

September 16, 2013  Innovation sector leaders have to-do list for next mayor

August 27, 2013  EdTech in the Summertime: LearnLaunch Hosts a Very Cool Meetup

August 6, 2013  Start-ups focus on creating tools for teachers

July 15, 2013  Education tech firm picks Boston as its US base

July 8, 2013  The Social Circuit: Sarah Hodges shares her can’t-miss events this week

June 19, 2013  Veracode CEO: Entrepreneurs need to stick with Boston, “one of the great cities of the world”

June 5, 2013  New edtech-oriented shared office, Exponential Techspace, up and running in Back Bay

March 6, 2013  SXSWedu Halftime Report

February 20, 2013  In Brief: LearnLaunchX Accelerator Opens Applications

February 13, 2013  Education Entrepreneurship and Reflections on LearnLaunch

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February 11, 2013  Boston’s LearnLaunch Hosts Distinguished Ed Tech Meetup

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February 4, 2013  How to Survive in Edtech LearnLaunch conference confronts pragmatic questions for ed tech startups

February 4, 2013  Across Boundaries: Innovation and the Future of Education

 February 1, 2013  New Accelerator LearnLaunchX Looks to Make Boston Ed-Tech Capital of the World

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February 1, 2013  A New Accelerator Program for Ed Tech Entrepreneurs Launches in Boston

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 February 1, 2013  East Coast ed tech innovation ramps up with new accelerators in New York and Boston

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January 31, 2013  Hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Investors & Academics Meet in Boston to Discuss the Future of Education

January 17, 2013  Ed-Tech Tidbits: Launch Academy, LearnLaunch Step Out

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January 17, 2013  LearnLaunch Names Education, Innovation and Governmental Leaders as Ed Tech Conference Keynote Speakers