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LearnLaunch Institute is a non-profit dedicated to increasing student achievement through the adoption of digital technologies.

What We Do

LearnLaunch Institute educates, engages, connects, and supports the education innovation community with several major initiatives:

Educate Our annual “Across Boundaries” conference convenes the education innovation community around compelling topics to drive the sector forward. Our fourth annual conference, co-sponsored by Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Business School, will be on February 2 – 3, 2017.

Engage We host 35-45 events annually, usually two to three per month, including meet-ups, classes, pitch competitions, and panel discussions on ed sector trends. We have over 7,000 subscribers to our newsletter. Our community values the topics we cover, and the chance to meet each other and establish and deepen relationships.

Support LearnLaunch is supporting six Boston public schools in their adoption of personalized and blended learning through an initiative funded by the Gates Foundation – MASSNET (Massachusetts School Network Edtech Testbed). The goal is to engage teachers in evaluating software in a way that excites them, and build knowledge that can be shared with product developers and other educators.

Connect LearnLaunch supports edtech entrepreneurs by connecting them with educators, and educators by connecting them with latest education innovations. Examples of this supporting both groups are the annual October MassCue Technology Conference – where LearnLaunch hosts an Innovation Space, “BetaTeacher” events – where teachers get to test and interact with new innovative products, and the LearnLaunch EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit – where teachers test products.

Want to Help? Contact LearnLaunch at info@learnlaunch.org, if you are interested in working with us to educate, engage, connect, and support the education innovation community.

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