Across Boundaries: From Digitizing Past Practice to Personalized Learning

January 21- 22, 2016 | Harvard Business School Boston, MA

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The 4th Annual LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference brought together over 900 participants from 28 states who were interested in promoting dialogue about digital learning, discussing the question: “Are we digitizing past practice or moving towards personalized learning?”, and exploring how to solve the most challenging questions facing teachers and the edtech industry today. The voice of entrepreneurs, educators, education administrators, investors, developers, students, and industry experts who care about the future of education technology, as it pertains to early education, K-12 education, higher education or continuing education, were all represented.

Learners left with a better understanding of: the potential of technology to improve education; the impact of digital learning; hurdles, challenges, best practices, and stories related to moving from a traditional classroom to a digitized environment; the market and investment trends in education technology; the challenges of implementing edtech in various educational settings; the best practices for developing and building a successful edtech company; and current policies and practices affecting edtech. Additionally, there were workshops that focused on instructional design, blended learning, data and measurement, and virtual classroom innovation.

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