Content Marketing 101

In a world where the options are overwhelming and budget is limited it can be difficult for decision makers to know which way to turn. Content marketing can help organizations stand out and capture data to move potential customers through the nurture stream, while also sharing deeper insights as to why a particular product or type of technology is best. Research is a great place to start for a content marketing program because it provides market insights, can be used to feed other content that speaks to buyer pain points, provides a foundation for thought leadership, and drives media coverage and leads. Still, knowing what kind of content, how to develop it and what to do with it aren’t easy.

In this session, participants will:

  • Explore options for content marketing, from the types of recommended content to specific suggestions for different kinds of actions
  • Examine how to build successful content that speaks to their audience
  • Identify methods for content promotion
  • Learn the key pieces needed for a successful content marketing program