The Edtech Sale: Entry Points, Prospects and Management

Having a good understanding of your product and market is3 important, but it’s defining your best entry point and prospecting appropriately can make or break your sales. Edtech entrepreneurs need to take the time to plan what that process is going to look like, because if you start at the wrong place with the wrong people it’s likely you will end up with the wrong sales outcome.

Participants in this session will:

  • outline the best ways to organize, create and manage an effective prospecting list     
  • examine what it means to have a multi-touch prospecting approach – from defining, to delivering, or managing the various touches – in their organization
  • analyze and compare the various entry points that they should be considering before picking their top prospective candidates


Instructor: Kirby Salerno, VP Sales and Marketing, Flocabulary
Kirby is a sales and marketing executive with extensive experience in the ed tech space. He has led revenue generation, partnership development, and marketing efforts as an executive at Amazon and several angel and venture backed start-ups, consistently meeting or exceeding revenue goals. Kirby co-founded ClassroomWindow, a startup dedicated to creating transparency into what works in U.S. classrooms. Kirby lead sales for TenMarks Education, acquired by Amazon in Oct 2013, then lead field sales for Amazon Education. He currently runs Sales & Marketing for Flocabulary, a Brooklyn-based edtech startup.



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