General Membership Prerequisites 

  • Adopt the MAPLE Consortium definition of personalized learning
  • Participate in at least one MAPLE Consortium convening per year
  • Contribute district information on readiness and progress for implementing personalized learning
  • Willing to have district listed as a member on the MAPLE Consortium website


General District Membership Benefits 

  • Connect with member districts who are also moving towards personalized learning models
  • Gain tools to develop a strategic plan for incorporating personalized learning into district
  • Opportunities to participate in a readiness assessment
  • Opportunities to participate in professional development workshops on key topics, such as “What is Personalized Learning?” and “How do we know if we’re ready for Personalized Learning?”
  • Opportunities to participate in MAPLE conferences
  • Listed as a Threshold District on the MAPLE Consortium website
  • Gain insight into the Massachusetts the landscape for personalized learning


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