Leading Schools
Summer Summit 2017

August 1–3, 2017

The Leading Schools Summit is a multi-day event designed to provide principals with the support and professional learning opportunities they need to lead student-centered digital learning initiatives in their schools.This event provides school leaders with a unique opportunity to collaborate and network with other principals from around the state/country. Throughout the sessions, principals work through individual problems of practice and gather feedback and insight from colleagues.

MAPLE is partnering with the Friday Institute and OETC to host and create this event. This is a selective opportunity. MAPLE has reserved 25 seats.

Principals or Assistant Principals of MAPLE member district schools are encouraged to apply by June 1st. For more information about this Leading Schools Summit, click here.


Boston, Massachusetts

MAPLE is a public-private partnership between the LearnLaunch Institute and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to catalyze personalized learning in the Commonwealth with the purpose of better preparing students for their future.

Friday Institute

Raleigh, North Carolina

A center for fostering collaborations to improve education, bringing together educational professionals, researchers, policy-makers and other community members. We conduct research, develop educational resources and programs for educators, and help inform policy-making.


Salem, Oregon

A nonprofit that makes purchasing technology simple, reliable and affordable to meet the needs of education. OETC organizes cost-effective, cooperative technology purchases through a sealed, competitive bid process, so that all 1,000 members of OETC can provide the technology access their students deserve.