The MAPLE Consortium has two types of members, Catalyst Members and General Members.

Catalyst Members are those districts that are strategically committed to personalized learning at and are able and willing to share withother districts their experiences, positive and negative, in implementing approached to personalized learning.

General Members are those that are interested in seeing working models of personalized learning, discovering what technologies, pedagogies, and strategies are successful, and participating in the community. General Members are typically not yet committed to a district-level strategy to implement personalized learning.

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Membership Benefits

  • Connect with districts who are also moving toward personalized learning models
  • Set goals with peers and hold each other accountable for progress
  • Gain tools to develop a strategic plan for incorporating personalized learning in your district
  • Connect with research partners to share data and best practices
  • Participate in leadership sessions on key topics such as: “Why Personalized Learning?”
  • Gain insight into the Massachusetts landscape for personalized learning