Learning Assembly Pilot Toolkit

There are eight organizations within the national Learning Assembly network – Citizen Schools, Digital Promise, Highlander Institute, iZone, LEAP Innovations, LearnLaunch, and Silicon Valley Education Foundation. They all have their own unique approaches to piloting. Taking from these learnings, a toolkit was built to provide classroom teachers, school/district teams, piloting organizations, and edtech companies with resources to support pilots from start to finish: from pilot planning, to supporting implementation, to reporting results. The aim is to support educators, edtech companies, researchers, and organizations from across the country as they work together to test – or pilot – innovative teaching practices and edtech tools to find what works.

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Using Pilot Programs as a Foundation for Innovation

For principals and superintendents looking to try out an innovative new practice, pilots are one of the most reliable ways to make an informed decision based on the students you serve. In this podcast, Getting Smart explores what a pilot is, what it takes to lay out a foundation for piloting, what needs to happen to run a successful pilot, what forms success can take, and the prep work it takes to launch.

Megan Smallidge – Professional Development Project Manager of LearnLaunch’s piloting initiative, Lynda-Lee Sheridan and Cathy Lyons – Principal and second-grade teacher, respectively, at Franklin D. Roosevelt K-8 School, which is part of Boston Public Schools and a participant in one of LearnLaunch’s pilots, contributed to this podcast.

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