The Path To Partnership

In EdMarketer2017 – the 5th annual EdMarketer survey, Education Week’s Research Center reveals District Leader perceptions of the PreK-12 vendor community, with an aim of helping education companies better understand how they are viewed by the customers they hope to serve. The findings are based on responses from over 500 District Leaders, and provide a deep dive into District Leader views of vendor strengths and weaknesses across a range of areas, including student engagement and motivation, curriculum and OERs, professional development and instructional effectiveness, edtech, and more. Additionally, it reveals concerns District Leaders’ have with regard to their own capabilities, the ways in which they like to receive information from potential vendors, and a range of informational needs that provide great content marketing opportunities for education companies.

In this session, particiapnts will:

  • Explore the latest challenges/needs of District Leaders
  • Examine factors that impact vendor selection and renewal
  • Identify tactics to improve PreK-12 content marketing and sales effectiveness, among other learnings