Building a Scalable and Sustainable Edtech Sales Engine

When you are developing a new edtech company, it’s hard t1o know where to start when it comes to building a scaleable and sustainable sales engine. The process can be confusing, and it is helpful to know the essentials, how to start a sales effort and how to evolve the effort as your company makes progress and grows.

Participants in this session will:

  • examine key areas edtech entrepreneurs struggle with when getting ready to launch their product
  • identify aspects of a high-performance sales engine
  • identify the tools and practices that must be in place before you start trying to sell
  • understand the trade-offs involved in  sales hiring and how to ensure your hiring plan leads to success


Instructor: Dan Powdermaker, President, Strongheart Strategies 
Dan has spent his career building and leading sales, marketing and business development teams that have consistently won in the marketplace. He helped lead a sales restructuring effort at a Fortune 500 company and was a co-founder at a technology startup where he built and led sales, marketing and business development organizations to achieve growth rates averaging 50% over a decade and organic revenues exceeding $600 million.  Dan is active as a mentor and board member to early-stage edtech/technology companies.


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