Edtech Sales Playbook Webinar Series

Classes in this series provide viewers with insights into edtech sales experience. Methods that are explored include creating a scalable and sustainable sales engine, prospecting, managing the first sale(s), managing and developing a sales team, developing metrics that will align the viewer with success, and asking the right questions along the way.

What to Consider to Schools from a Marketing Perspective

What does it take to launch your company or product into the edtech market? What is the best approach? Building a winning marketing communications strategy is both an art and a science, but is essential when entering the market or sustaining yourself in the market. Evaluate what you need to know about marketing strategies before, during and after launching your edtech company, product or service.

The Path to Partnership: Closing the District-Vendor Perception Gap

In EdMarketer2017 – the 5th annual EdMarketer survey, Education Week’s Research Center reveals District Leader perceptions of the PreK-12 vendor community, with an aim of helping education companies better understand how they are viewed by the customers they hope to serve. The findings are based on responses from over 500 District Leaders, and provide a deep dive into District Leader views of vendor strengths and weaknesses across a range of areas.

Content Marketing 101: Driving Leads through Data and Thought Leadership

Content marketing can help organizations stand out and capture data to move potential customers through the nurture stream, while also sharing insights as to why a particular product or type of technology is best. Research is a great place to start for a content marketing program because it provides market insights, can be used to feed other content that speaks to buyers, provides a foundation for thought leadership, and drives media coverage and leads.

Education Week: EdMarketer 2016 Market Report

Is your edtech company looking for insight into which sales messages and marketing practices will best influence K-12 District leaders? Want to know the key motivations and needs of District leaders? What about the key factors which impact vendor selection?Purchase this webinar to gain a marketing edge from Education Week’s latest research.