Eight Transformative Lessons Learned from an Internship with LearnLaunch

The LearnLaunch Marketing Team

The superstar LearnLaunch Institute Interns and the Marketing Team

Read on to see how our interns have benefited from their time at LearnLaunch, and why you should consider applying for an internship with LearnLaunch this summer.

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A LearnLaunch internship is a rewarding and unique experience where you’ll work as an integral member of the LearnLaunch team, create innovative content and projects, and learn key skills for success in your professional growth and development.

Two of our LearnLaunch interns, Jamal Merritt and Sumya Mohiuddin, summarized eight key takeaways from their experience below:

1. You will meet real business and thought leaders in the education technology field.

“My assignments at LearnLaunch have included conducting interviews with education technology leaders, such as the CEOs of Gab-On! and two of LearnLaunch’s own co-founders, Jean Hammond and Eileen Rudden to support our content marketing initiatives. The campus is also full of innovative leaders – I was amazed at the number of spur-of-the-moment conversations I could have with startup founders and executives.” – Jamal

2. You can learn how a non-profit operates in the edtech sector.

“LearnLaunch successfully hosts a large annual conference called the Across Boundaries conference that attracts over 1,200 educators, education leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, education companies, and technology innovators. Interning at LearnLaunch allowed me to learn exactly how planning and executing a conference happens. You can experience how the team collaborates with other companies, and how they bring this conference, and many other events, to life to participants and volunteers alike.” – Sumya

3. You will be treated as part of the team.

“Since I started as an intern here, I have been invited to all of our weekly staff and marketing meetings. This has not only exposed me to the day-to-day operations of running a business, but has also allowed me to see all of the work that goes into driving education innovation and mobilizing Boston’s edtech ecosystem. I’m also expected to have an opinion and understand why we make the marketing decisions we do here. My inputs are valued when we make decisions regarding content marketing for LearnLaunch.” – Jamal

4. You’ll work on real projects that you can add to your portfolio.

“Since the day I started interning here, I’ve been tasked with real projects that have a measurable impact on the organization, rather than just doing busy-work. Some of the projects I have worked on include blog articles on topics such as edtech startup pitch competitions or the science of learning, email campaigns to promote LearnLaunch events, and social media posts to share blog posts that I have written.” – Jamal

5. You can immerse yourself into a thriving field even without direct experience.

“The educational technology field is forever growing and presenting new problems and solutions, but I was able to learn in tune with those changes. My past experience gave me tools to write and analyze, but LearnLaunch allowed me to learn through a new lens. Although the edtech sector is growing substantially, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself with an amazing team by your side.” – Sumya

6. Your supervisor will be a mentor to you.

“When I first arrived at LearnLaunch, I had never taken a single Marketing class in college. Our marketing team participates in monthly team learning and professional development sessions. With guidance from my supervisor and the associates on staff, I now have a solid grasp on basic marketing concepts, SEO analytics, and digital marketing tools like HTML/CSS and Mailchimp. These skills I learned have been an invaluable asset for my professional growth and resume.” – Jamal

7. You can make this internship your own.

“With the collaboration of your supervisor, you can work on projects that have real meaning to LearnLaunch, and also to yourself. You can explore your own interests in a diverse field with opportunities around every corner. I was able to write articles and work on projects that really opened my eyes to the educational technology sector and helped me become a better intern.” – Sumya

8. You’ll get exposure to the realest challenges and newest innovations in education technology.

“As an intern with LearnLaunch, I have had the opportunity to attend inspiring and educational sessions at both the MassCUE and Across Boundaries conferences. I have also attended multiple LearnLaunch events, such as pitch competitions and lectures, where I was able to gain exposure to personalized learning and other innovative types of instruction used in today’s classrooms.” – Jamal

If you’re wondering what to do this summer, consider applying to an internship at LearnLaunch. We currently have two open positions: Research and Writing Intern, where you’ll work directly with the marketing team at the Institute to create content and work on key projects, and the Accelerator Summer Fellowship, a unique opportunity to work directly with an emerging education technology company in our startup accelerator program.


Jamal Merritt is a recent graduate in Asian Studies from Vanderbilt University, with a minor in Chemistry. He is interested in how project based learning, retrieval practice, and mentoring can help close the opportunity divide for minority and disadvantaged students in higher education. Jamal is the Editorial and Writing Intern at LearnLaunch.

Sumya Mohiuddin is a student at Northeastern University studying English and Communications, with a minor in Journalism. She is interested in exploring the interrelated connections between her fields of study. Sumya is the Event Development Intern at LearnLaunch.