Building Blocks Tool

Planning Tool

What It Is

The Building Blocks is an online planning framework designed by education leaders for education leaders. The framework categorizes the 10 most essential instructional elements for achieving equitable, high-quality teaching and learning amidst the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

How it works

The tool allows school and district leaders to engage in a simple, streamlined planning process. Within each category, state and national resources have been synthesized and organized to be easily discoverable so educators can quickly find the solutions and resources they need.

Asset-Based Needs Analysis

Opportunity to build on assets and analyze gaps to arrive at concrete, actionable next steps.

Curated Resources & Peer Examples

Resources from education thought leaders, experts and trusted sources as well as curated examples from districts and schools.

Strategic Planning Management

Develop, manage, and save your planning process all in one place.

Introduction To The Building Blocks

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How to Use the Tool

Building Blocks Content Experts

Shai Fuxman, Ed. D.


Darnisa Amante-Jackson, Ed.L.D.

President & Co-Founder Disruptive Equity Education Project

Dana Ansel

Co-Creator building Blocks tool

Dana Ansel, Ed. D.

Chief Academic Officer, LearnLaunch Institute

Alisa Berger

Prepare Educators& Engage Learners

Alisa Berger, M.Ed., MBA

Deeper Learning Dozen, Harvard Graduate School of Education & Principal, New York City I-Zones Schools

Melissa Corto

Plan for Special Education

Melissa Corto

CEO, Education Modified
Special Education Teacher, New York City, Public Schools

Renee Foster

Select Aligned Tools

Renee Foster, MBA

Former President, Curriculum Associates & LearnLaunch Board Member

Shai Fuxman, Ed. D.

Include Social-Emotional Learning

Shai Fuxman, Ed. D.

Senior Research Scientist, Education Development Center

Jody Day Klein

Address Needs of English Learners

Jody Day Klein

ESL Teacher, Newton Public Schools

Windy Lopez-Aflitto

Support Parents

Windy Lopez-Aflitto

Vice President, Learning Heros

André Morgan

Ensure Equitable Access

Andre Morgan, Ed.L.D

Leader of Opportunity, Access and Equity at Beverly Public Schools

Shai Fuxman, Ed. D.


Amy O’Connell, M.Ed. 

Director of Data and Impact at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School 

Karen Shakman, Ph.D.

Set Learning Priorities

Karen Shakman, Ph.D.

Independent Consultant, 21mead Educational Consulting

Sarah Silverman, Ph.D.

Communicate Clearly

Sarah Silverman, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Outside Angle