Massachusetts Workshops

Massachusetts Workshops

Our workshops combine expert insights with peer learning in Building Blocks virtual workshops. Workshops are aligned with the research-based Building Blocks framework and are highly interactive to promote collaboration, idea sharing, and encourage productive discussion.

All workshops are free to Massachusetts district and school leaders and educators through a generous grant from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Massachusetts Department of Education

Upcoming Individual Workshops

Strategies to Create Positive School Culture

In this workshop you will consider ways to continue strengthening your school community’s positive culture in the midst of continued adjustment and response to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. When students return in January, schools have an opportunity to reinforce positive culture and support student well-being. Our highly interactive virtual workshop offers specific “look-fors” as well as concrete trauma-informed strategies that leaders can put into practice to ensure students feel safe, both emotionally and physically; seen, by adults and by their peers; and soothed, meaning at ease and without heightened anxiety, while at school.


In this 90-minute virtual workshop, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of what it means for students to be safe, seen, and soothed at school;
  • Assess your own school environment for the 3 S’s; 
  • Explore concrete strategies to foster a strong positive culture; 
  • Learn with and from peers; and
  • Leave with an actionable next step.

            This workshop is facilitated by Shai Fuxman, a behavioral health expert, senior research scientist, and leads initiatives promoting the positive development of youth. He has extensive experience in social and emotional learning (SEL), school-based trauma-informed care, and substance misuse prevention. Shai leads EDC’s SEL & Mental Health Academy, an initiative that provides training and coaching to help Massachusetts schools and districts promote students’ SEL and mental health well-being using a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) approach.