Advocacy Work

Advocacy Work

Innovation Advisory Council 

LearnLaunch is leading the formation of an Innovation Advocacy Council. We have secured the participation of prominent private sector leaders in the education sector to join this effort. Our work will include:

      • Collaboration  with LearnLaunch executives to develop the mission and goals of the Council;

      • Support efforts to build a robust public advocacy presence for the critical work of the education innovation ecosystem in New England;

      • Inform stakeholders of the economic and thought-leadership value of the EdTech sector in our region;

      • Assist LearnLaunch with synthesizing and interpreting insights from LearnLaunch’s intensive work with K-12 school leaders; and 

      • Aid legislative efforts and outreach to policy leaders to create a stronger, more robust ecosystem for education innovators.

LearnLaunch Supports Important Massachusetts Legislative Efforts:

Senator Jason Lewis and Representative Alice Peisch, co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Education have filed an important piece of legislation that LearnLaunch ardently supports. They have proposed the development of a legislative commission to study high-quality, technology-enabled teaching and learning practices and evaluate educator preparedness for such practices in Massachusetts schools since before March 2020, through school closures and as we enter school reopening. Specifically, the Commission will explore curriculum, student engagement, and innovative practices aimed at equitable outcomes. The Commission will host six statewide hearings to solicit input from educators, activists, and innovators before filing a report of findings and recommendations with the legislature. Membership of the Innovation Council is composed of three distinct stakeholder groups: state policy leaders, EdTech innovators, and statewide education advocates.

Read the Bill: