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GDPR for EdTech

On July 25th at noon, a group of entrepreneurs and education professionals from organizations like TeachersConnect, ListenWise, and AdmitHub...

How Knowledge to Practice Uses Microlearning to Help Healthcare Professionals Uphold The Hippocratic Oath

Every healthcare professional who takes the Hippocratic oath knows that a commitment to lifelong learning to provide the best care possible is the crux of the promise. This makes quality continuing education integral for hospitals and healthcare systems, especially in light of more stringent regulations. To meet these important needs, Mary Ellen Belliveau, CEO and founder of Knowledge to Practice, has created a convenient, expert-led microlearning platform that helps healthcare practitioners learn what they need, when they need it. Read More

How CourseStorm Makes it ‘Impossibly’ Simple for Informal Education Providers to Grow Enrollments

One of the biggest hurdles informal education providers face is getting the word out about their offerings and enrolling students. That’s what prompted Brian Rahill to found CourseStorm. CourseStorm is a web-based platform for small-to-midsize informal education providers that gives them all the marketing and transactional support they need to grow. Read More

The End of the Multiple Choice Test – How Authess is Testing Knowledge Application, Not Memorization

When was the last time you took a multiple choice test at work? Chances are, never. Yet, that’s how many educational institutions test their students’ skills and competency. The fact is that the skills that employers need today – creative thinking, problem solving, persistence – rarely get tested at the university level in a consistent way. That’s the problem Paul Crockett, cofounder of Authess, is solving for universities and companies. Read More

How LearnBolt is Improving Employee Training by Delivering Knowledge at the Moment of Need

In this new blog series, “Workforce Edtech – Leading the Job Skills Revolution,” we spoke to some of the founders and leaders of LearnLaunch portfolio companies who are filling the gaps in workforce and continuing education, while redefining learning beyond traditional degree programs.  To kick things off, we spoke with Steve Albanese, founder and CEO of LearnBolt. Read More