Who We Are

Who We Are

LearnLaunch Institute, a non-profit organization, is located in Boston, serving the education ecosystem in the New England region. We believe in high-quality, equitable teaching and learning for all students. We help unleash the power of innovation by empowering school & district leaders to embrace & manage change.

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Our Guiding Principles

Equitable Learning

Equitable Education Is a Fundamental Right

We believe that an equitable education system is a fundamental requirement for society.


Enable Innovative, High-Quality Teaching & learning

We assert that the core of high-quality education is excellent teaching & engaged learning, which can be facilitated by technology tools when appropriately used and understood.


Lead In times of crisis

We know that innovation has increased the pace of change and will require education leaders who are able to embrace uncertainty and lead in times of crisis.

Diverse Perspectives

Embrace Diverse Perspectives

We embrace diverse perspectives because we have seen the power of the thinking that emerges when many voices are listened to and heard.